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The Hereafter Mills are hybrid innovation hubs born from the deepest corners of unique minds. We address technology-driven audience engagement requirements. Our creative technologists have embarked together on a journey to fill the void left from the glaring lack of unique and engaging audience experiences. At Hereafter, we conceptualize, design, produce, and activate your brand’s promotional needs in a way that leaves a lasting impression the world over.

Our team of highly credited professionals ensures that your product or brand gets the visibility it deserves be it through innovative online campaigns or comprehensive interactive activations.

Our research and development team is also known for their innovative use of technology, which ranges from the unconventional use of existing mediums to the creation of new and experiential mediums altogether.




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Why Us

A constant in a storm of global initiatives

We, at Hereafter Mills, strive to join the ranks of those who choose to sculpt a better tomorrow, today, and leave a potent mark as a new breed of creative technologists committed to engaging audiences at a global level with unique, interactive and immersive experiences.


Our Process

Unlike traditional engagements, we take utmost care to understand your requirements precisely and respect the guidelines within which we are expected to function. Our streamlined process then takes a step forward with a quick response that summarizes the many exciting possibilities that a future collaboration with our company would effectively bring to the table. Our process is as follows:

Our objective for the duration of the project is to represent your brand in the most authentic way possible by staying true to the core ideologies behind its inception in order to pave the road that you had envisioned for it from the very beginning.

We then steer course to internally determine the most optimal route to achieve the requirement your company has, within the constraints of time availability and budget, in order to create the perfect drawing board upon which the entire process is made exponentially better and more effective.

Once the Design Document for the experience is carefully drafted and approved, the Visuals Department at Hereafter Studios, begins to work on the content of the engagement, while our Development Team prepares all the assets required for the engagement.

Hereafter Studios, works in complete sync with our workflow, pace and methodologies, which ensures an incredibly effective and streamlined method of content development. The national and international artists at Hereafter are established professionals in their respective fields, ensuring the utilization of the right people for the right tasks, with the promise of a highly effective final product.

As we move closer to the finish line and are able to take a first look at the close-to-final experience, we set out to gather important information through credible methods such as Sample Audience Feedback Exercises, Affectivity Tests and a careful study of Internal Differentials, so as to perfect the design of the experience.

Once determined, we begin to refine and improve the experience for maximum effectiveness.

On the day(s) of the activation, we dedicate a professional for the entire day(s) to ensure a smooth execution of the experience.

In the case of an experience such as a mobile app/game or a web activation that needs to be sustained for a longer period of time, we perform a series of bug tests and stress tests to ensure stability, and update the application before the launch.

We are firm advocates of the belief that the agelessness of an experience can be achieved if the course for greatness is preset to defy all odds. No matter how impactful a promotional event, initiation or engagement might be, it is imperative to sustain the effect of that impact with an onslaught of smart, well-packaged marketing initiatives that summarize their success and effectiveness. These serve as high-valued memory banks that are optimized to ensure that the brand recall value continues to reign supreme.

We achieve this through the creation of a series of videos or online campaigns that cohesively summarize the past engagement. Our experts at Hereafter Studios excel at the same and are able to promote your brand for months or years after the initial engagement has taken place.

Our Well Oiled Machine

Hereafter is an association of brilliant minds who work together as a well-oiled machine to churn out better and bigger ways to create game changing ideas and processes. We consist of professionals who are motivated by an unrelenting desire to make a defining mark in the world with a professional and organized approach to create the unimaginable. We are able to integrate all aspects of any undertaking, due to our large collaborative model a.k.a The Hereafter Collective.


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Services And Technology

As the dawn of a new age, where technology driven innovation beckons, scores of Indians from around the world are leaving their footprints on the golden sands of progress. From sending privately funded rovers to the moon, creating galactic breakthroughs with satellite technology to even the unheard voices of local farmers who are powering washing machines with the use of bicycles, our fellow Indians are becoming dynamic powerhouses in creating unstoppable change.

Interactive and Experiential Activations
Interactive/Static Displays and Projections
AR, MR and Touch Solutions



We love to combine various technology and techniques to create a truly wonderful and captivating outdoor experience for your target audience. In fact, we always encourage our clients to use two or more technologies together. Amongst the lists, we are able to provide gesture tracking, hand tracking, head tracking, physical input control… etc.


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