Games are a new-age medium that most brands are now beginning to swear by for their advertising and marketing needs. Our definition of the gaming experience extends to more than just creating visually brilliant and well packaged games. We also like to create interactive experiences that benefit from the use of the medium. At Hereafter, the quality of our games have gone on to set the industry standard due to our extensive film and cinematic background.

Mobile Gaming/Web Gaming

In a world where time waits for no one, games serve as the preferred stress buster! It also quenches the inherent need people have to challenge themselves. Games keep users both engaged and entertained; a winning formula when it comes to establishing a brand’s presence in the minds of their audience.

Our web-based games can be customized for Facebook Pages, Websites and other online platforms that are likely to promote your brand. Even though these games are strategically designed to load easily and remain user friendly, the final output has been known to look better than mobile games at times!

A Qualitative Approach

We believe in approaching projects in a way that does not restrict the application of potential software or gaming engines that could serve the required purpose better. Based on factors like the type of project and output desired, we chart out a plan that details which gaming engine, interface and technology should be used for optimum results and attaining international quality.

Zero latency hand tracking, full body tracking, distance sensors, proximity sensors, custom controllers, controlled wind/temperature/pressure systems are a few examples of how broadening our horizons has led to the use of technology with experiential engagements that have enhanced customer experiences.


See some of our game development projects here!

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