At Hereafter, we have developed a unique homebred solution for static and interactive holographic displays that has been tried, tested and proven effective time and time again. When combined with well-crafted visual content, this in-house success formula translates into stunning product displays and lasting customer experiences.

We offer one sided, three sided and four sided interactive holographic displays, as well as holographic stage setups for closed show environments. We offer these innovations at a variety of price options to ensure that their availability remains best suited to your budget. Please see the list below for the types of holographic displays we offer.

Design And Technology Variations

Engagement Level

  • Static Display

Simple product displays with a holographic image within is a great and cost effective way of promoting your product into the main stream.

  • Interactive Model – Grade I

Our Grade I interactive models are highly interactive holograms. The interaction may differ with models, but promises state-of-the-art technology in gesture or hand tracking. It may also have a separate interface that may control the content within the hologram. It may even use a realtime keying system that put an actual person inside the hologram.

  • Interactive Model – Grade II

Our Grade II Interactive Models include a lower level of interactivity, but are still highly engaging. The engagement might involve a proximity sensor, webcam tracking, voice recognition… etc.

  • Massive Engagement

Can vary from a full stage display to a 8 foot tall hologram of your company CEO interacting with his real self, these displays are talked about for years after the event.

Technology Applications

  • Gesture Trackers (Grade I)

Full body tracking can engage audiences of all ages. Whether we apply a mimicking function, or a gesture control interface, or any other idea we come up with, the audience will awe at the experience.

  • Hand and Finger Trackers (Grade I)

We offer zero latency hand tracking, a great way to engage your audience. Fascinating the person who is interacting with your product display is a very effective way of communicating with your customers.

  • RFID (Grade II)

RFID Cards and Sensors are a great way to personalize your engagement experience. RFID’s are radio frequency identification technology that can be used on almost any platform.

  • Others (Grade I and II)

We also implement other technologies like distance sensors (for example, automatic playback on customer interaction), angle tracking, voice recognition.. etc. Please view this section to see other innovations with technology we have achieved.

Construction Materials

  • Wood

  • Soft Wood with Aluminium Base

  • PVC

  • 3D Printed


See some of our holographic work here!