Why are we talking about technological innovations?

We LOVE technology, and we LOVE spending hours devising ways to tweak it, mix it up and make it our own! If you’ve thought of an idea that stretches the limits of imagination and have been told that executing it would be next to impossible, then go ahead and give us a call. We’ll do everything in our power to make it a possibility. Or give you our own set of radical ideas that make you reconfirm your belief that anything is possible!




RFID/Magnetic Cards

Radio technology allows your customers to have unique ID systems that enhance personalized customer engagement.

Touch based Solutions

In a tech-savvy world, interactive multi-touch screens and controls are a great way to bring your brand one step closer to your customers.

Sensors and Trackers

Know what the users/viewers are doing, and engage your target audience in some real time action!

Gesture Based Trackers

Allow your customers to interact with your product intuitively with gestures and hand movement/body language.

Photo Booths

Interactive photo booths are a great way to engage your target audience and make memorable impressions! The growing popularity of the ‘selfie’ culture also allows us to make good use of this technology.

360-Degree Frozen Video Stalls

360 Degree stalls produce 360 degree videos of a person or a crowd doing something they may find fun and interesting. Additionally, it is possible to freeze on an action and make a 360 video with just that. The end effect is along the lines of the 360 degree shots in the movie: The Matrix.

Video Feeds

Wirelessly transmit a video feed from one medium to another smoothly and enjoy a wide customer outreach.

3D Printing Technology

We are tied up with multiple companies that produce 3D printed products. With our designs, we ensure the end product to be top-of-the-line.